Claire Walsh Life

 Claire Walsh

Breathwork practitioner, voice & movement coach and competitive freediver


Claire Walsh has been breathing for 36 years

She mastered the steady rhythm through exhaustive daily practice. Everything she did, everywhere she went, she was breathing. 

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She knew however that she’d only scratched the surface. This seemingly innocent function held so much influence, so much potential. 

  • How does breath alter our movement? 

  • What happens when we add sound to our breath or better still, song? 

  • What changes when we hold our breath? 

The art of breathing has led Claire to a lifetime of study and work. A background in theatre, a curiosity in movement, not so much a love of singing as a need to sing and a grá for the sea has served as perfect playgrounds to explore the possibilities and potential of breath in it’s many creative forms. 

Through her mission to better understand how breathwork influences the mind, voice, body and spirit; she has uncovered specialist ways to not only enhance her own performance but her way of living, informing the methods for teaching others how to do the same.